Audiobookworm Promotions is organizing an audiobook blog tour for Toro, a Middle Grade novel from Author Andrew Avner.

The tour will run from Aug. 30th to Sep. 5th and will have a maximum of 20 stops.

Signups end on Aug. 23rd.

Reviewers will receive complementary digital copies of the audiobook via MP3.

Review copies will be distributed by Aug. 7th. Reviews must be of at least 3.5 stars.

All other info will be included in the Tour Media Kit, distributed via email the week before the start of the tour. There will also be a link on the Host HQ page.

All tour stops must be posted by 10am EST. 

Author: Andrew Avner

Narrators: Brad Raider, George Spielvogel, Malili Dib, Yolanda Corrales, Leila Cohen, Andrew Avner

Length: 2 hours and 57 minutes

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Released: Jun. 26, 2020

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction




A story that evokes beloved films such as Babe and Ratatouille.


Alicía Catalina Cortés is a fast and fiery Spanish cow who desperately wants to run with the bulls in Pamplona - but since she’s a cow, tradition forbids her to partake in the fiesta of San Fermín. Through her journey, Alicía learns that to be noble and brave, she must follow her dream and her heart, even if it means defying tradition.


Toro is set in the colorful backdrop of Pamplona, Spain during the fiesta of San Fermín and the running of the bulls, famed as one of the most exhilarating, dangerous, and spectacular events around the world.

About the Author: Andrew Avner

Andrew Avner graduated with honors from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television. After working in Manhattan with Academy Award-winning producer David Brown, Avner relocated to Los Angeles to develop his own original material. He's currently writing and producing short films for The Walt Disney Company while penning his next novel.




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    Toro! An exciting story. The voices make it come to life. All mediums have their power to present the tale. Audiobooks have the added benefit of allowing me to listen while driving. In the busy world we live in, this convenience is a new found pleasure.

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