Audiobookworm Promotions is organizing an audiobook blog tour for The Freedman, a Historical Fiction novel from Author Lars D. H. Hedbor. The Freedman is part of Hedbor's Tales from A Revolution series.

The tour will run from Apr. 16th-22nd and will have a maximum of 15 stops.

Signups end on April 9th.

The Freedman is narrated by Shamaan Casey and is 5 hours and 19 minutes in length.

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Author: Lars D. H. Hedbor

Narrator: Shamaan Casey

Length: 5 hours and 41 minutes

Publisher: Brief Candle Press

Released: Jan. 17, 2019

Genre: Historical Fiction


What does liberty mean for a freedman?


Calabar was brought from Africa to North Carolina as a boy and sold on the docks as chattel property to a plantation owner. On the plantation, he learned the intricacies of indigo production, fell in love, and started a family.


Abruptly released from bondage, he must find his way in a society that has no place for him, but which is itself struggling with the threat of British domination. Reeling from personal griefs, and drawn into the chaos of the Revolution, Calabar knows that the wrong moves could cost him his freedom - and that of the nation.


The Freedman is Hedbor’s standalone novel set in North Carolina from his Tales From a Revolution series, in which he examines the American War of Independence as it unfolded in each of the colonies. If you like enthralling stories of familiar events from unfamiliar viewpoints, you’ll love The Freedman.


Grab your copy of The Freedman today, and experience the American Revolution as a personal journey of discovery.

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About the Author: Lars D. H. Hedbor

What made the American Colonists turn their back on their King, and fight for independence? How were they different from us–and how were their hopes and fears familiar to our own hearts?

These are the sorts of questions that Lars D. H. Hedbor thinks are important to ask in examining the American Revolution, and in the pages of his novels, he suggest some possible answers.

His first novel, The Prize, was published in 2011, followed by The Light in 2013, and The Smoke, The Declaration, and The Break in 2014; The Wind was published in 2015, The Darkness in 2016, The Path in 2017, and The Freedman in 2018.  The Declaration, The Light, and The Wind were released in audiobook in 2018, and The Freedman in 2019.

Hedbor's also written extensively about this era for the Journal of the American Revolution, and has appeared as a featured guest on an Emmy-nominated Discovery Network program, The American Revolution, which premiered nationally on the American Heroes Channel in late 2014. He has also appeared as a series expert on America: Fact vs. Fiction for Discovery Networks, and was a panelist at the Historical Novel Society’s 2017 North American Conference.

Hedbor is an amateur historian, linguist, brewer, fiddler, astronomer and baker. Professionally, he is a technologist, marketer, writer and father. His love of history drives his to share the excitement of understanding the events of long ago, and how those events touch us still today.

About the Narrator: Shamaan Casey

I was born in 1996 and raised in Converse, TX. Growing up, I always watched a lot of animation, which gave me a deep appreciation for voice acting, which only grew as the years went on. While initially starting school for culinary arts, I finally yielded to all of the advice I had received over the years and finally embraced getting into the world of voice-over by making audiobooks. In only 3/4 of the year, I started with nothing and have now released 14 audiobooks, with more on the way. I love to watch theater and read engaging stories, often noting how much the voice of the character (be it spoken or in text) adds to the overall story and engages the audience.



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