Bailey Carr Narrator of "Don't You Trust Me?"

Jess and I connected on Twitter. I was curious about audiobook promotion services and had recently narrated an audiobook structured as a royalty share - the perfect opportunity to work together. Jess and The Audiobookworm delivered above and beyond my expectations. Jess blew me away with her promotional services. She connected me with multiple bloggers to help promote the audiobook, and she created awesome graphics for a giveaway with her keen eye for design. She got back to me lightning fast anytime I had a question, and she offered ideas of unique ways to engage on social media. If you are an author or narrator looking to promote an audiobook, I can't recommend The Audiobookworm highly enough. Thank you Jess!

Stephen Whitfield Author of "Omari and the People"

Jess - Thank you for the fine audiobook blog tour for my novel, Omari and the People. As a result, our work, narrator Curt Simmons and mine, has a significantly improved internet presence. Many wonderful reviews from gifted bloggers not only increased sales for Omari and the People, but has also increased appreciation of  audiobooks in general. So many reviewers expressed surprise and delight with their first audiobook experience.

I expect your  efforts will have an ongoing positive impact on bringing more people to enjoy Omari and the People and audiobooks in general.

Thanks again and I wish you continued success and joy.

Curt Simmons Narrator of "Omari and the People"

I highly recommend Jess the Audiobookworm. Thorough, responsive, accountable, insightful, professional and always pleasant to work with. Through her expertise and robust promotional platform, not only has my work received targeted and meaningful exposure, but also reviews and sales have increased significantly. Thank you, Jess.

Jake Urry Narrator of "The Cryptic Lines"

I was overwhelmed with the response to my first audiobook blog tour arranged by Jess the Audiobookworm! The service was incredibly professional and surpassed my expectations, bringing in a load of honest reviews and publicity. I would highly recommend the service to any narrator or author wishing to promote their audiobook, and look forward to working with ABW promotions again in the future!

Terry Maggert Author of "Heartborn" and the "Halfway Witchy" series

Simply stated, Jess is the gold standard for audiobook advertising. She's responsive, professional, friendly, and connected to the exact audience I'm trying to reach. Her design services are stellar, too-- she's at the top of my list for getting a tour done right.

Ronelle Antoinette Author of "Errant Spark"

Working with Audiobookworm Promotions was a FABULOUS experience! As an indie author without a lot of money for marketing, the tour was priced very affordably (I did the 14 day tour and had 15 total stops). Everything was collected and sent out on time, communication was prompt, and even when there was a small hiccup with one of the stops (through no fault of Audiobookworm Promotions) it was dealt with before I even noticed. I even got some great, reusable graphics out of the deal.

I highly recommend touring with Audiobookworm Promotions if you’re looking for some exposure and a great experience getting it! I’ll definitely be using the service when my next book comes out.

Linda MacDonald Author of "Meeting Lydia"

Very conscientious tour organiser. Jess also creates imaginative 'teasers'. Extremely good value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use again.

Jennifer Kincheloe Author of "The Secret Life of Anna Blanc"

The Audiobookworm blog tour was fantastic. It featured reviews, interviews, playlists, dream casting, and spotlights. Jess handled everything start to finish and even gave me more than she promised. It was great exposure, great fun, and resulted in lots of great reviews for my audiobook THE SECRET LIFE OF ANNA BLANC. I will definitely do an Audiobookworm Promotions blog tour again.

Donna Galanti Author of "A Human Element"

Jess, was SO AWESOME to work with! With my first audiobook coming out I didn't know where to turn for promotion and was thrilled to find her company. The entire process was smooth and professional - from graphics designed, to lining up hosts, to all of the communication to keep me in the loop. Also, Jess was totally accessible during the tour with any issues. I love the tour summary I also received after my tour was over! I have already recommended Jess to all my author friends and will absolutely be using her service again when my 2nd audiobook comes out!

Mark Hosack Author of "The Good Spy Dies Twice"

When I finished my audiobook I wasn't sure how to market it, luckily I found Jess the Audiobookworm. I chose one of their bigger tours, and my audiobook earned a slew of well-considered reviews, and moved a bunch of audiobooks in the process. Jess was always available and very helpful - I'm very pleased with Audiobookworm Promotions and would definitely use them again!

Kyle Prue Author of "The Sparks"

We were excited to find a well organized blog tour dedicated to audiobooks. Jess did a great job of setting up our tour and making sure everything ran smoothly. We had 23 stops and received 11 reviews which is a big help in gaining exposure. I will definitely use Jess and Audiobookworm Promotions for my next audiobook promotion!  

Greg Hernandez Narrator of "Deadly Shore"

I am so very pleased with the campaign conducted by Audiobook Promotions.  Jess did an outstanding job in getting word out of my audiobook, getting people excited to participate and culminating in terrific reviews.  The Audiobookworm will be my choice for future audiobook campaigns.

Tal M. Klein Author of "The Punch Escrow"

Jess was a consummate professional. She managed every stage of my audiobook tour and provided me with expert guidance. I'm incredibly grateful to her and vehemently recommend her to anyone seeking reviews and engagement with their audiobook project!

Elizabeth Meyette Author of "Love's Courage"

Finding effective promotion for my audiobooks was difficult for me until I found Jess at Audiobookworm Promotions. Jess was amazing to work with in preparation for and during the blog tours for two of my books: The Cavanaugh House and Love's Courage. From creating eye-catching graphics, to scheduling many reviewers for each multi-day tour, to setting up giveaways, Jess put together effective and successful audiobook campaigns. Her professionalism (and patience) made her a joy to work with. I'm hoping to line up another audiobook tour for Buried Secrets, my sequel to The Cavanaugh House, soon. I highly recommend Audiobookworm Promotions and encourage any authors who want to promote their audiobooks to contact Jess today.

Rachel Amphlett Author of the "Detective Kay Hunter" series
I work with Jess and her Audiobookworm services to promote the audiobooks in my Detective Kay Hunter series of British police procedurals to reach a worldwide audience. Jess continues to impress with her organisational skills and enthusiasm - no small feat given we work in two completely different time zones!
Lisa Becker Author of "Clutch"
I would not hesitate to book another tour with Audiobookworm Promotions.  Jess has been highly professional and organized, delivering quality spotlights and reviews to my title.
Anthony Lee Narrator of "A Temple of Forgotten Spirits"

Audiobookworm Promotions' audiobook blog tour service is a great way to get your audiobook out there. All you have to do is provide promotional materials and a fairly affordable fee, and she will take care of the rest. With over 300 bloggers in her network, you are bound to get at least a handful of websites that will be willing to showcase your audiobook, with reviews, spotlight features, and more. Thanks, Audiobookworm, for arranging all of this

Anna Ambrose Author of "Lucy: An Open-Door Policy Novella"

Audiobookworm Promotions did a fantastic job with the audio tour for Lucy: An Open-Door Policy Novella. Jess was wonderful. She handled everything professionally, was always quick to respond to questions, and made the entire process easy with her extremely organized and simple instructions. Her promotional graphic was well made and gorgeous, and the results of the tour were more than worth the ridiculously low price she charged. My only complaint would be that she doesn't charge enough for the amount of work she does. I'd have gladly paid more. Her services are more than worth it. If you are thinking about touring your audio, you can't go wrong with ABW. Five stars!