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The tour will run from Mar. 31st to Apr. 13th.

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The Scarlet Oaks Mystery Series is narrated Kimberly M. Wetherell.

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Author: Michaela James

Narrator: Kimberly M. Wetherell

Series: Scarlet Oaks Cozy Mystery Series, Books 1-2

Publisher: LW Media Group Ltd.

Genre: Cozy Mystery


Scarlet Oaks and the Serial Caller, Book 1

Is it possible Scarlet Oaks, the reluctant new host of a men’s call-in show, inspired the first serial killer San Francisco’s seen in some 40 years?


Struggling to pay the rent after her boyfriend’s sudden departure, continue her role as mediator in an unconventional family, and feed a micro pig who appears less micro by the day, Scarlet’s life is far from perfect. But when an eerie sounding caller is identified as the bay area’s latest serial killer, it appears her life will never be same.


With the killer continually calling into Scarlet’s show, while managing to stay one step ahead of the San Francisco police, Scarlet begins to fear she’s his next victim. Enlisting best friends Niles and Tom and their often-hilarious help, Scarlet sets out to find the elusive Serial Caller...before he finds her.


Root for Scarlet during this heart-pounding and alternately humorous mystery thriller. Fall in love with unforgettable characters, recognize familiar family members, and hold on tight for an adrenaline-filled ride.


If you’re a Stephanie Plum fan, make room for Scarlet Oaks!


This is the first book in the Scarlet Oaks series.


Scarlet Oaks and the Exposed Photographer, Book 2

Something sinister is going on at Bay Radio. Is it possible there’s a connection between the mafia-type men who show up after dark, the terrified young women they have in tow, and the ominous commune Scarlet’s sister calls home?


A troubled caller’s cryptic clues point to a man from Scarlet’s past. Could he be the key to breaking her sister Violet out of a seemingly impenetrable commune? 


Scarlet’s new boyfriend gets a crash course on the life and times of Violet, as they enter a world of shadows, sex, and secrets. With more than her own life on the line, Scarlet fights to save her sister.


Can Scarlet and friends, armed with only a harebrained scheme and spy store gadgets, solve this mystery? All roads lead back to the cryptic caller. Expose the photographer from Scarlet’s past, and the thick, scandalous web starts to unravel.


Jump on this speeding cable car with Scarlet and hold on for dear life. This fast-paced, clever mystery will have you laughing one minute and gasping the next. Spend time with the characters you’ve grown to love and make room in your heart for more. 


If you grew up reading or listening to Nancy Drew, you’ll love Scarlet Oaks. This is the second book in the Scarlet Oaks series. Continue the adventure - buy Scarlet Oaks and the Exposed Photographer today!

About the Author: Michaela James

Michaela lives near Reno, Nevada, where there are lovely walking trails and lots of sun. She was born and grew up in Hampshire, England, where there is less sun, but better chocolate! A professional voice over artist and the voice of a local radio station, Michaela enjoys watching great movies with her husband and grown sons, playing tennis and and drinking lots of tea.





About the Narrator: Kimberly M. Wetherell

In Kimberly’s storied 30-year career in the Arts, she has been an actor, an opera and film director/producer, a published essayist, founder and host of several NYC reading series, and, on a brief hiatus from ‘the biz’, a professional boozy baker and restauranteur. Her bright, youthful sound, coupled with her wide-ranging and varied life experiences, brings nuance and depth to her compelling audiobook narration.






Tour Schedule

Multiple stops per day.

Mar. 4th: Review copies are distributed.

Mar. 17th: Deadline to submit interview questions.

Mar. 24th:  Media packets are distributed via email.

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Book Two

Apr. 7th:
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