Client FAQ


When requesting a tour, specify if there's a certain time when you'd like the tour to take place. Example: To correspond with a release date, personal scheduling issue, season, or holiday. Otherwise, you will be given the next available spot in my schedule.

The next available spot in my schedule is typically 2-3 months away. For this reason, it's best to book your tours well in advance. As long as you keep me apprised of any production or release delays, it's never too early to reserve your spot in my schedule.

Because of such delays, sudden openings may occur in my schedule which could allow me to give you a much earlier tour date than originally anticipated. For this reason, it's important to prepare the required materials well in advance. Unprepared tour sponsors will have their tours moved further back in my schedule, while prepared tour sponsors may suddenly find themselves with a much sooner tour date!

Deadlines play an important part in organizing tours. It's essential that you get materials to me in a timely manner. My schedule is booked several months, so if the requested materials have not been uploaded to your tour's Google Drive folder 7 days after I give you access to it, your tour will be pushed back in my calendar. On the reverse side of that, tours with materials uploaded on time will be given priority and will stand a good chance of being moved up in my schedule when an earlier date becomes available.

The pre-tour schedule:

6+ weeks pre-tour: After submitting a tour request form, dates are set and you are given access to a Google Drive folder for the tour. The folder holds a checklist of materials I'll need to prepare the tour. From the time I give you access to the tour folder, you will have 7 days to submit the first batch of materials or your original tour dates will be forfeited.

5 weeks pre-tour: An email is sent to all Audiobookworm Promotions hosts (currently over 340) announcing your tour. The booking process begins.

4 weeks pre-tour: Review copies are sent to reviewers. The booking process continues.

1 week pre-tour: You are invoiced via PayPal and tour kits are sent to all hosts. The booking process ends. No sign-ups are accepted past this point.

Special Adoption Rate

Build on top of all of the exposure this tour will provide for your titles. Tour sponsors are eligible for a special rate when placing copies of any toured audiobook on the Adoption page.

Eligibility for this rate expires one week after the tour ends and the copies placed for adoption must be of the title on tour.

To be clear, the special rate is $10 for up to 10 codes. This rate applies for every additional 10 codes of the same title, so long as they are placed for adoption within a week of the tour ending.

Discounted Promotional Images

Are you in need of more promotional images (teasers/memes)? Your purchase of this tour package allows me to offer you additional teasers at a rate of 20% off (reg. $12).

This is a temporary offer, so take advantage quickly. Eligibility expires one week after this tour ends and the teasers must be of the title on tour.

Tour-related Social Media Cover

Problem: You love the custom tour banner I designed, but it just won't fit right on your social media accounts.

Solution: A custom tour-related social media cover! 

The tour banners are sized for blog/social media posts, not social media covers. Uploading a banner as a social media cover produces a distorted and pixelated image. Allow me to modify the tour banner to fit the specific size and placement requirements of your preferred social media platform. And take 25% off, for your trouble (reg. $20). 

Tour-related Facebook Advertising

Want added exposure and sign ups for your tour? Let's advertise on Facebook!

Tour-related Facebook advertising features your custom tour banner and boosts the tour announcement post on Facebook for 20 days* leading up to the tour.

Twenty days of advertising could reach 4,700-12,000 targeted audiobook listeners on Facebook. The rate for 20 days of tour-related Facebook advertising is $25.

*20 days is the standard ad campaign length. This number is subject to your preference.

Editorial Reviews and Press Packets

Tour reviews can be combed for snippets to be used as editorial reviews. Only quotes from the best reviews will make the cut.

I can also search all reviews of your title on multiple platforms for editorial review material and send my findings to you in a plain text document.

For a maximum branding effect, I’ll put together a professional Press Packet for this title, similar to what was distributed to the tour hosts and including several of the best editorial reviews from across the web.

Free Brand Evaluation

Allow an outside eye to look over your entire brand and provide you with honest, insightful feedback and ways to push your brands forward. Why not? It's free!

Refunds are currently offered at a 50% rate per stop. Sponsors are entitled to refunds for stops that aren't hosted by the end of the tour. My goal is to ensure that all stops are hosted during the tour date range, if not on the date designated by the tour schedule. A certain amount of flexibility is required when working with this many third parties (bloggers/reviewers).

I appreciate your patience if/when host does not post on their stop date. Be assured that I am in contact with them, attempting to correct the matter. If this is not possible or the host is unresponsive, you will receive a partial refund for that stop.

Refunds can be delivered via PayPal post tour or applied to immediate purchases within Audiobookworm Promotions (i.e. a design, adoption placement, or tour).

Accordance with my privacy policy, tour hosts contact information will not be shared with you and you will not contact any of the tour hosts before or while the tour is underway. Doing so could inadvertently endanger the objectivity of their reviews, jeopardizing the integrity of the tour, and violate my privacy agreement with them. Please use me as an intermediary. This issue is non-negotiable.

All reviewers are asked to crosspost to at least Audible and Goodreads, and most will voluntarily do so, even though it is not a requirement for tour participation. But please keep in mind that reviewers commonly experience technical difficulties when posting reviews to If a host’s review is not crossposted one week after the tour has ended, you may publicly post a comment on their review post politely asking them to crosspost or to check on the status of their cross-posted review, which may have been removed without their knowledge.

I shouldn't have to state this, but you are not to encourage or pressure a host to adjust any part of a review. Ever. No exceptions.

Giveaways are a popular tour feature. Some traditional book tour companies "strongly urge" or even require that your tour have a giveaway. I do not. In fact, after two years of organizing audiobook blog tours, I cannot in good conscience say that giveaways have had a significant impact on my tours' success. From what I have seen, tours with and without giveaways often perform the same, unless the tour sponsor (you) actively promotes it. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to you. If you feel strongly about giveaways and want to include one with your tour, I will happily arrange it. However, there are a few things you should note:

  • Personally, I don't recommend putting more than $25 into the giveaway prize. The giveaway is a side feature of the tour, not the main attraction, and will be treated as such.
  • You will not be provided with the email addresses or personal information of giveaway participants. I'm simply not prepared to handle the legal ramifications of sharing such information (especially in light of GDPR). For this reason, I do not a view tour giveaways as an opportunity to "collect" email addresses. For further protection of privacy, the giveaway widget I use (Gleam) ensures that I do not have access to this information, only that of the winner.
  • I insist on configuring the giveaway widget and deciding which entry options will be used. I have diligently researched this topic and the legalities associated with it. To name a few:
    • Entry methods cannot require participants to purchase something or contribute a significant amount of time (which could be construed as valuable).
    • All entry methods must be worth the same amount of "points". This is known as entry dignity or equal dignity.
    • Terms of the giveaway cannot be changed once it has begun.
  • Common entry methods used are social media follows, blog comments, links to existing reviews, retweets, and website visits.
As with all things, I prefer to practice caution with giveaways. I'm aware of how easily a sweepstake ("Giveaway") can inadvertently become an illegal lottery. I see them all the time in the book community from well-meaning marketers. I hope that you understand, or at least respect,  my stance on this matter. I'll be happy to discuss it with you further.

Adoption Placements

In addition to garnering reviews, the adoption program has a secondary purpose of gaining exposure for your title.

An active title will remain on the adoption page until all copies are adopted out or you request it to be removed. This is equivalent to an advertising spot on the Audiobookworm Promotions website.

It will appear in the Adopt-An-Audiobook Weekly Update, as well as the welcome newsletter, which boasts a 69% open rate. Recent additions to the adoption program will also appear in the tour host welcome newsletter, which has a 55% open rate.

All codes are kept in a spreadsheet and can be returned to you, at any time, upon request.

Likewise, I ask that you set aside the codes you send to me for the adoption placement. If you happen to use (or distribute) a code that was sent to me for the adoption placement, please inform me so that I will not distribute that code again.

You can also check in with me regarding the the progress of your adoption placement. I will be able to tell you how many of your codes have been adopted out and how many have already returned reviews. In accordance with my privacy policy, I will not inform you of a reviewer's identity or contact information.

How do I know your codes are being used for your book?

Reviewers are asked to forward their Audible receipts to me after redeeming adoption codes. This is just good practice, especially with the discontinuation of Audible's gifting feature. I encourage anyone giving out promo codes to follow the practice of requesting Audible receipts.

I encourage all reviewers to reveal the source of the audiobooks adopted through my adoption program. They are asked to use a specific disclosure statement stating that the audiobook was obtained at no charge via the Audiobookworm Promotions adoption program and that the gifting of the audiobook did not influence their opinion of it.

In addition to complying with federal law, the disclosure statement is aimed at informing you that the review was garnered through the adoption program. In theory, the use of this disclosure statement should help you keep track of which reviews are the result of the adoption placement. However, some reviewers may use their own disclosure statement or neglect to use one at all. For a more accurate account of the reviews garnered through the adoption program, please contact me.

Upon request, I will gladly refund your adoption fee in full, as long as two conditions are met:

  1. None of your codes have been adopted out
  2. Your title has been on the adoption page less than three months

With or without a refund, your codes can be returned to you at anytime.