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Client FAQ -
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When requesting a tour, specify if there's a certain time when you'd like the tour to take place. Example: To correspond with a release date, personal scheduling issue, season, or holiday. Otherwise, you will be given the next available spot in my schedule.

The next available spot in my schedule is typically 2-3 months away. For this reason, it's best to book your tours well in advance. As long as you keep me apprised of any production or release delays, it's never too early to reserve your spot in my schedule.

Because of such delays, sudden openings may occur in my schedule which could allow me to give you a much earlier tour date than originally anticipated. For this reason, it's important to prepare the required materials well in advance. Unprepared tour sponsors will have their tours moved further back in my schedule, while prepared tour sponsors may suddenly find themselves with a much sooner tour date!

Adoption Placements

In addition to garnering reviews, the adoption program has a secondary purpose of gaining exposure for your title.

An active title will remain on the adoption page until all copies are adopted out or you request it to be removed. This is equivalent to an advertising spot on the Audiobookworm Promotions website.

It will appear in the Adopt-An-Audiobook Weekly Update, as well as the welcome newsletter, which boasts a 69% open rate. Recent additions to the adoption program will also appear in the tour host welcome newsletter, which has a 55% open rate.