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The Eye of Strife by Dave Duncan

Genre: Fantasy

Narrator: Anthony Lee

Publisher: Five Rivers Publishing⎮Feb. 20, 2018

Length: 5 hours 44 minutes

Sword fights and romance, miracles and mystery, treachery and sly humor....

A god summons a curious assortment of witnesses to his temple to testify on what they know about a jewel that was lost 1,000 years ago. At least one of them is guilty. Others are lying....

Dave Duncan at his devious best.

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Awakening by Julie C. Gilbert

Genre: Fantasy

Narrator: Caitlin Jacques

Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert⎮Jan. 30, 2017

Length: 4 hours 24 minutes

*UK Codes Available

Being the Chosen One could kill her....

Victoria Saveron knows two things for certain. Dark forces want to kill her, and her friends have cooler powers than she does. Katrina can shapeshift and Tellen can tap into destructive magic currents.

Everything else is uncertain and rumors abound.

Victoria might be the Chosen One, whatever that means. Her father might be able to help them, but only if they can find him. Coldhaven's villagers might be able to offer them food and shelter. Some fool might be running around unlocking Darkland portals to raise an undead army.

The further Victoria and her companions get on their journey, the more dangers and betrayals they face. They must awaken Vic's true powers or forfeit the world.

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The Ivory Staff by M. Lachi

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Narrator: John Hawks

Publisher: Love Ego⎮Oct. 6, 2017

Length: 12 hours 51 minutes

Samiyah, a young peasant on a quest to find love and honor, wins a chance to attend the royal ball. Beyond her wildest dreams, she finds herself dancing in the arms of Prince Chad, heir to the throne.
As there brews a violent struggle between the brutal ruling-class and the oppressed peasantry, Chad and Samiyah’s growing, talk-of-the-town love spawns whispers of bloody uprisings and plots of swift usurpation.

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Soul Bound by Jas T. Ward

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Narrator: Edward Mittelstedt

Series: Soul Bound, Book 1

Publisher: JTW Publishing⎮Oct. 6, 2017

Length: 8 hours 46 minutes

Death May Be The End…
But Love Doesn’t Give A @&%#.

Jace Camden is haunted by his past. One that has many believing he got away with murder. He’s run from it, trying to start a new life in a new town. But his past hasn’t let him escape and it’s determined that his future will not be a long one.
Death will demand it’s due.
And his late wife will make sure that debt is paid.
Kitt Thomas’ life is in a rut but that changed when she looked into the sad, haunted eyes of Jace Camden. Something about his wounded soul called to her–like a flicker in a very dark cave she should have had the sense not to step into.
But his past will make sure she is no more part of Jace’s future than life is.
Because he’s soul bound.
And that’s a bind that can only be broken by death.

It’s not about the Happily Ever After…
It’s about surviving the read.

*Warning – this book deals with the subject of death, grief and it’s retelling in a graphically realistic and dark manner*

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Convicted by Raven H. Price

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Narrator: Paula Slade

Series: The Paradigm Shift Trilogy, Book 1

Publisher: Raven H. Price⎮Oct. 10, 2017

Length: 12 hours 40 minutes

Convicted (Book One of the Paradigm Shift Trilogy) begins the story by explaining how after being beaten and emotionally bruised by two ex-husbands, Hope Anderson seeks the comfort she once felt within her family church. Upon her first visit back, she sits on the last row to secure her anonymity. Desperate to find comfort and acceptance, Hope felt judgmental eyes instead. Regularly plagued by fear and paranoia, Hope seeks counsel and finds it through a female evangelist on television. The woman’s depiction of love and her explanation of a spiritual journey prompts Hope to ask God for the same. He grants her request. Hope is taught how to pray effectively because of her journey with the Holy Spirit. With intercession, Hope is also granted supernatural gifts of spiritual sight and hearing. She faces demons bravely through her faith in the Holy Spirit to help others. When Hope’s journey is over, she does not turn her back on her church or on her colleagues at work. Convicted, she boldly stands and fights for them using her superpowers. It is through this process that Hope learns to love herself and other people and to forgive. Living happily with her Lord, Hope is faced once again with what caused her immense fear and paranoia. The fight for her life begins, and it is the worst physical and spiritual battle imaginable!

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Aranya by Marc Secchia

Genre: Fantasy

Narrator: Shiromi Arserio

Series: Shapeshifter Dragons, Book 1

Publisher: Marc Secchia⎮April 05, 2015

Length: 14 hours 33 minutes

Chained to a rock and tossed off a cliff by her boyfriend, Aranya is executed for high treason against the Sylakian Empire. Falling a league into the deadly Cloudlands is not a fate she ever envisaged. But what if she did not die? What if she could spread her wings and fly?

Long ago, Dragons ruled the Island-World above the Cloudlands. But their Human slaves cast off the chains of Dragonish tyranny. Humans spread across the Islands in their flying Dragonships, colonising, building and warring. Now, the all-conquering Sylakians have defeated the last bastion of freedom–the Island-Kingdom of Immadia.

Evil has a new enemy. Aranya, Princess of Immadia. Dragon Shapeshifter.

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The Book of Dragons by E. Nesbit

Genre: Classics, Children’s Fantasy

Series: The Book of Dragons, Book 1-8

Narrator: Karen Krause

Publisher:⎮Jan. 26, 2017

Length: 4 hours 53 minutes

Edith (E.) Nesbit was a master at weaving imagination and real life into timeless fairy tales, with fantastic mythical creatures, princes and princesses, magic, and just the right touch of silliness. This is a collection of nine of her fairy tales with a common theme – Dragons! For children from five to 95, these stories are not to be taken seriously. Let your imagination run wild!

The Book of Beasts – A young king finds a magical book once owned by his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather and unwittingly sets a wicked beast loose in his kingdom. Now he must find a way to best the beast and win back the love of his subjects.

Uncle James – The island kingdom of Rotundia is normal in every way but one – all the animals are the wrong sizes. And when a purple dragon finds its way to the island and desires the princess as a birthday present, young Tom the garderner’s son, along with his lap dog sized elephant Fido, must find a way to save her.

The Deliverers of Their Country – “It all started when Effie got something in her eye…” and before the week was out, the country was overrun with dragons of all sizes. Effie and Harry decide something must be done, so they set out to wake St. George.

The Ice Dragon – Have you ever wanted to travel to the North Pole? See the Aurora Borealis up close and personal? Well, make sure you catch up to George and Jane, two disobedient children, who on December 11th, set out to do just that, finding adventure and a dragon on the way.

The Island of the Nine Whirlpools – When the King and Queen were ready to have a child, the Queen did what all good queens do; she visited the local witch. But she forgot to specify the King wanted a boy child.

The Fiery Dragon – Poor Sabrinetta, granddaughter to brave St. George the dragonslayer, has been banished to her dragon-proof tower while her evil cousin rules her kingdom. But when the dragon wakes, Prince Tiresome runs to the safety of her tower, throwing her out to fend off the dragon by herself. Can she and Elfin the pigkeeper save her people before the dragon has his way with them?

The Dragon Tamers – John the Blacksmith doesn’t know what is at the bottom of the stairs leading down from the dungeon. With any luck, he’ll never find out. But one day when he goes into the dungeon to fetch more coal, he comes face to face with the dragon that has risen from the depths. It looks like today John’s luck may have run out. Or is it just beginning?

Kind Little Edmond – Edmund is not fond of learning but he loves to find out. One day he finds out about the creatures living in the mountain near his village and thinks maybe he doesn’t like finding out about things so much after all. But once the creatures have been found, there is nothing to do but find a way to save the village before it’s too late.

The Last of the Dragons – As tradition holds, on her 16th birthday, the Princess must be tied to a post and left for the dragon. Of course, the Prince has always slain the dragon and saved the Princess. But this Princess is none too confident in the Prince’s ability to save her. She’s much better at her fencing lessons than he. So why can’t the Prince be tied up and saved by the Princess? And, why must the last dragon in England be slain at all?

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Errant Spark by Ronelle Antoinette

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Elemental Trials, Book 1

Narrator: Ginny Ross

Publisher: Ronelle Antoinette⎮Nov. 01, 2016

Length: 10 hours 25 minutes


In Egalion’s Imperial court, there is splendor and luxury, but it’s also a realm of treachery. Cloak-and-dagger political maneuvering threatens to destroy the peace of 2,000 years.

Battlemage Jex Xander has a mouth that gets him into trouble; while in contrast, Enari Namelum speaks not at all. Amidst the mounting chaos, passion and romance should be the last thing on their minds, but life and the Goddess seem to have other ideas.

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but at court you can’t tell one from the other, and they change at the flip of a coin.

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The Sparks by Kyle Prue

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Series: The Feud Trilogy, Book 1

Narrator: Jon Eric Preston

Publisher: Cartwright Publishing⎮Feb. 24, 2017

Length: 9 hours 14 minutes

One teen assassin-in-training must unite three warring supernatural dynasties before death comes to them all…

Find out why USA Today calls The Sparks “a crackling read” that “builds a vivid world (both) otherworldly and relatable.”

Neil Vapros just wants to make his father proud. The sixteen-year-old aspires to serve his family as an assassin, but he nearly dies in the process. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Neil’s family, as well as two rival dynasties, have abandoned an ancient promise to protect their city. An unknown evil has begun hunting all three houses from the shadows…

As Neil’s relatives fall one-by-one, he attempts to unite the three supernatural families against a common enemy. But earning trust after years of assassination attempts could prove impossible. Neil’s fight may involve more than a bloodthirsty empire, as betrayal rears its ugly head…

The Sparks is the first book in the award-winning Epic Feud trilogy of young adult fantasy novels. If you like captivating characters, inventive world building, and supernatural battles, then you’ll love Kyle Prue’s action-packed coming-of-age tale. Buy The Sparks today to ignite your thirst for adventure!

“A crackling read. The Sparks builds a vivid world that is at once otherworldly and relatable. Characters spring from the page in a deft twist on mythology that belies Kyle Prue’s young age. He’s a voice to be heard.” (Scott Bowles, USA Today)

Winner of numerous national awards including: Best Book in Florida and Best Fiction for Young Adults 2015 from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. The Sparks was runner up for Best Young Adult Fiction at the Florida Book Festival and won Honorable Mentions at the New England Book Festival, Midwest Book Festival, Southern California Book Festival, and the International London Book Festival. Prue also won an International Moonbeam Award and Indie Fab award for Best Young Author.

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Hound's Bite by E.J. Stevens

GenreEpic Fantasy

Narrator: Melanie A. Mason, Anthony A. Bowlin

Publisher: Sacred Oaks Press⎮May 4, 2017

Length: 7 hours

Series: Ivy Granger, Book 5

PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award finalist for Best Urban Fantasy series.

Ivy Granger thought she left the worst of Mab’s creations behind when she escaped Faerie. She thought wrong.

In a cruel twist of fate, Ivy has unleashed a powerful horde of Unseelie beasts upon her city, turning her homecoming into a potential slaughter of innocents. Now Ivy must gather her allies to fight a reputedly unstoppable force – The Wild Hunt.

Will the training Ivy received in her father’s court be enough to save her city, or will Harborsmouth be forced to kneel before the Lord of the Hunt? She is willing to risk her own life, but some sacrifices come at a cost worse than death. When an ally is bitten by one of The Wild Hunt’s hounds, Ivy must face the possibility that winning this battle may mean killing the one person she has come to love most.

Hound’s Bite is the fifth full-length novel in the award-winning, best-selling Ivy Granger urban fantasy series by E.J. Stevens. The world of Ivy Granger, including the Ivy Granger Psychic Detective series and Hunters’ Guild series, is filled with action, mystery, magic, dark humor, quirky characters, bloodsucking vampires, flirtatious demons, sarcastic gargoyles, sexy shifters, temperamental witches, psychotic faeries, and snarky, kick-butt heroines.

The Ivy Granger series has won numerous awards, including the BTS Red Carpet Award for Best Novel, the PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Fantasy Novel, Best Urban Fantasy Novel, and finalist for Best Urban Fantasy Series.

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Occupied by Joss Sheldon

61vnmgtt6ll-_sl300_Genre: Magical Realism

Narrator: Jack Wynters

Publisher: Joss Sheldon⎮September 16, 2016

Length: 12 hours 15 minutes




Step into a world which is both magically fictitious and shockingly real. Walk side-by-side with a refugee, native, occupier and economic migrant. And watch on as the world around you transforms from a halcyon past into a dystopian future.

Inspired by the occupations of Palestine, Kurdistan and Tibet, and by the corporate occupation of the west, ‘Occupied’ is a haunting glance into a society which is a little too familiar for comfort. It truly is a unique piece of literary fiction…

"A unique piece of literary fiction" - The Examiner 

"Darker than George Orwell's 1984" - AXS 

"Candid and disquieting" - Free Tibet 

"Genre-busting" - Pak Asia Times 

"A must read" - Buzzfeed

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The Repatriation of Henry Chin by Isaac Ho

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Narrator: Anthony Lee

Publisher: Digital Fabulists⎮Jan. 19, 2018

Length: 7 hours 40 minutes

Amid the growing hostility between the United States and China, an executive order authorizes the creation of repatriation camps to safely secure Chinese Americans. Mild-mannered pharmacist Henry Chin goes on the run with his mixed-race teenage daughter and is relentlessly pursued by an ICE agent who will stop at nothing to capture these potential domestic terrorists.

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Rimrider by L.A. Kelley

Genre: Science Fiction

Narrator: Cassandra Richardson

Series: Rimrider Adventures, Book 1

Publisher: L. A. Kelley⎮Aug. 22, 2017

Length: 9 hours 57 minutes

Orphan, pirate, spy.

Awakened by her father, teenager Jane Benedict is ordered to memorize a mysterious code. Hours later, Mathias Benedict is dead and Jane and her brother, Will, are wards of United Earth Corporation. To evade the company’s murderous clutches and uncover the meaning of her father’s last message, Jane leads Will on a desperate escape across the galaxy aboard the Freetrader smuggler ship, Solar Vortex. Tangled in the crew’s fight for freedom, Jane saves the life of young smuggler, Mac Sawyer, and learns her father’s code identifies a secret cargo shipment. The trail leads to the planet Rimrock and the massive prison complex of Golgotha. Undercover as a spy, Jane stumbles into a conspiracy that can spell doom for the entire Freetrader cause and the extinction of an alien race. Can she escape the prison confines and deliver a warning before it’s too late?

Piracy, intrigue, romance, space battles, and a daring rebellion from Earth wait on the galactic rim. Will Jane answer the call to adventure and find new purpose, or is death for high treason her fate?

What will you hear in this audiobook? No whiny, crybaby characters, only action, adventure, sweet romance, and a bit of sassy humor. It is suitable for kids through adult.

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Life Reset by Shemer Kuznits

Genre: Contemporary Science Fiction

Narrator: Jeff Hays, Soundbooth Theater

Series: New Era Online, #1

Publisher: Spoken Realms⎮Oct. 16, 2017

Length: 24 hours 38 minutes

After being betrayed and cursed by an extremely rare spell, Oren, a powerful and influential player, finds himself as a first-level goblin!

Without even a fraction of his previous power, he vows to pull through and have revenge on those who betrayed him.

His thorough knowledge of the game’s world and his unique ability to immerse himself entirely are his only advantages. But first, he must figure out how to survive long enough playing what is basically a low-level fodder monster!

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Tourists of the Apocalypse by C.F. Waller

Genre: Science Fiction

Narrator: J. Scott Bennett

Publisher: C. F. Waller⎮Jan. 13, 2017

Length: 12 hours 28 minutes


Award Winner in the 2016 Readers Favorite International Book Contest and the 2016 Shelf Media Best Indie Contest

Dylan Townsend stands on the beach watching commercial jets fall out of the sky like oak leaves twirling in the wind. A wing shears off the one closest to the shore just before it splashes down in the sea. Why was she telling him this outlandish story? What sort of tourist agency would offer people a front row seat to the end of the world? More importantly, why would anyone book such a vacation if there wasn’t any way home afterward?

“Why would anyone buy a ticket on the Titanic if they knew it was doomed?”

“Relax Dylan,” she assures him. “If you know it’s going to sink, you could bring a raft.”

As she paces in the sand watching the sky, he realizes that however wild her story may be, he loves her. Maybe Izzy is a time travel tour guide after all. In truth, he is more likely to be harmed by her boyfriend than the imminent apocalypse. What’s he going to do about that sticky situation?

“Come on,” she orders, pulling on his arm. “We need to see a man about a raft.”

Disclaimer: This novel contains no profanity, some violence, an office princess in bondage, cowboy coffee, classic cars, love triangles, domestic violence, birthday cake, Lion Country Safari mishaps, beach volleyball, road rage, a prosthetic shotgun, text messages on gum wrappers, and the strong belief that people are a product of their experiences and not just genetically predisposed to mayhem.

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Pegasus by Ken Cressman

GenreScience Fiction

Narrator: Theo Holland

Publisher: Ken Cressman⎮April 5, 2016

Length: 4 hours 18 minutes

When Captain Justin Thorn is hired to transport equipment and supplies to a mining colony on the moon, he knows it could be dangerous. He doesn’t expect that someone will try to kill him. When they arrive on the moon, Thorn and his crew discover a shocking secret that could jeopardize all life on earth. On their return trip they find that their ship has been sabotaged, leaving them unable to return to Earth without burning up in the atmosphere. Trapped in orbit and with time and air running out, they attempt a daring maneuver that could save their lives, if it doesn’t get them all killed.

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The Goodall Mutiny by Gretchen Rix

GenreScience Fiction

Narrator: Alexandra Haag

Publisher: Gretchen Rix⎮December 23, 2016

Length: 5 hours 32 minutes

Series: The Goodall Mysteries, Book 1

All the normal sounds usually reaching the lower decks of the USS Goodall during routine subspace flight have just been cut off. As if someone at the controls suddenly wants the crew isolated. No loudly arguing male voices, no deliberately mishandled supplies tumbling down the corridor, no nothing. Has the impossible happened? Is this the Goodall mutiny everyone expected? Or is it something even worse? Marooned, with failing systems and inexperienced officers, the dangerously dysfunctional crew must fight to survive. Could surviving be a fate worse than death? The Goodall Mutiny. First in the Goodall series of science fiction mysteries.

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A Reflection of Evil by William Todd

Narrator: Ben Werling

Length: 2 hours 4 minutes

Publisher: William Robert Todd

Released: Jan. 5, 2018

Genre: Classic Detective

After months of inactivity, Holmes and Watson have two cases thrust in their lap in a single day. First, a mysterious woman from Swansea, Wales, seeks Holmes' help finding her husband who has disappeared in the middle of the night. As soon as she leaves, Holmes receives word that there has been a prison riot with several dead and a few inmates missing. Lestrade is asking for his services.

Holmes believes the two cases are not a coincidence, but he has no idea who is behind it and to what end. They go to Swansea in what could be either a wild goose chase or a setup. Will Holmes unravel the mystery before they get to Swansea? If not what will be in store for them when they step off the train?

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It Is Las Vegas After All by Howard Weiner

Genre: Technothriller

Narrator: Laura Copland

Publisher: Howard D. Weiner⎮Jun. 8, 2017

Length: 7 hours 51 minutes

Two physicists are in a race with federal authorities and three former CIA agents to detonate a dirty bomb in Las Vegas. The physicists deploy several explosive devices, hidden in plain sight, that can be detonated at any time. Federal authorities realize too late that their best technologies, people, and staff cannot detect the existence and movement of small bombs. The safety of Las Vegas depends on three former CIA agents brought together by an employer with ill intent and strong ties to venture capitalists funding the latest crop of entrepreneurs. Who will win? Will Las Vegas be saved?

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Fame Is a Killer by Meredith Potts

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Narrator: Rachel Carr

Series: Hope Hadley Cozy Mystery Series, Book 1

Publisher: Meredith Potts⎮Jan. 9, 2018

Length: 2 hours 7 minutes

Hollywood actress Hope Hadley doesn't think that things can get any worse for her. In the last 24 hours, her boyfriend has broken up with her and her long-running police procedural TV show has been canceled.

When a homicide detective shows up at her door the next morning with news that her ex-boyfriend has been murdered, she realizes that her troubles are just beginning. She is shocked - not only to learn of her ex's death, but also to find out that the police consider her to be a suspect in the killing.

Hope soon realizes that the only way to clear her name is by finding the real killer herself.

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Lost in the Light by Mary Castillo

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Narrator: Mary Castillo

Publisher: Reina Books⎮Jan. 26, 2017

Length: 8 hours 46 minutes

One October morning in 1932, Vicente Sorolla entered the white house on the hill and was never seen again.
Now, Detective Dori Orihuela witnesses his brutal murder in her nightmares.
Drawn to this tough but tender woman, Vicente materializes out of the butler’s pantry and asks her to find his lost love, Anna. Dori wonders if she’s not only about to lose her badge, but also her sanity. Dori has always been drawn to the mysterious Queen Anne Edwardian house in her hometown. But after a devastating injury that puts her career on the line, Dori isn’t sure if she made the right decision purchasing this rundown old mansion.
Her wisecracking Grammy Cena has waited too long for her independent granddaughter to return home. She hires a kooky psychic to banish the ghost and a handsome contractor with whom Dori has an unhappy past. With a promise to Vicente, Dori may solve a forgotten Prohibition era murder. Or she may exhume secrets someone died to protect.
A modern gothic mystery woven with suspense, ghosts, and romance, Lost in the Light was nominated for the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Paranormal Mystery/Suspense.
Fans of Susanna Kearsley, Simone St. James, Diana Gabaldon, Mary Stewart, Kate Morton, and Victoria Holt will want to curl up with Dori on her journey to love, past and present.

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The Miser's Dream by John Gaspard

Genre: Modern Detective

Narrator: Jim Cunningham

Series: An Eli Marks Mystery, Book 3

Publisher: Albert’s Bridge Books⎮Jul. 19, 2017

Length: 7 hours 55 minutes

A casual glance out his apartment window turns magician Eli Marks’ life upside down. After spotting a dead body in the projection booth of the movie theater next door, Eli is pulled into the hunt for the killer. As he attempts to puzzle out a solution to this classic locked room mystery, he must deal with a crisis of a more personal nature: the appearance of a rival magician who threatens not only Eli’s faith in himself as a performer, but his relationship with his girlfriend.

But the killer won’t wait and starts taking homicidal steps to bring Eli’s investigation to a quick and decisive end. Things get even worse when his magician rival offers his own plausible solution to the mystery. With all the oddball suspects gathered together, Eli must unveil the secrets to this movie-geek whodunit or find himself at the wrong end of the trick.

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The Green Lama: Scions by Adam Lance Garcia

Genre: Suspense

Series: The Green Lama, Book 1

Narrator: Jiraiya Addams

Publisher:⎮June 20, 2017

Length: 4 hours 20 minutes

A cruise ship crashes suddenly on Liberty Island. All onboard are dead by their own murderous hands. All but one. What secrets does the lone survivor harbor within her very soul? And what horrors does she bring? These are questions only the Green Lama can answer! Reintroducing the most unique pulp hero ever! In reality, The Green Lama is Jethro Dumont, a millionaire playboy who spent 10 years in Tibet and now uses his Buddhist training to pursue justice for those denied it! Can even the Green Lama, with his mastery of the supernatural and his radioactive salts, be enough to prevent the coming of…scions?

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Circled by Anne McAneny

Genre: Modern Detective

Narrator: Laura Jennings

Publisher: Anne McAneny⎮June 5, 2017

Length: 11 hours 21 minutes


A fire ignites a whirlwind of action and accusation in a swamp town that hasn’t seen excitement since the big lottery win 12 years ago. Little does reporter Chloe Keyes know that when she sniffs around for clues, she’ll end up facing her own demons while unsettling the very foundation of her hometown.
Chloe starts her day by pulling a gun on two intruders – and things only go downhill from there. Driving to Boyd’s General for her daily caffeine fix, she finds the place ablaze. When the flames die down, she uncovers evidence that points to a dire fate for her missing childhood friend, Hoop. He disappeared 12 years ago, on the same day his girlfriend was struck and killed by a car. The events have left a dark mark on Chloe.
Over the next two days, strange occurrences pile up: Chloe’s neighbor is found floating and bloated in Black Swamp, the head of a cosmetics conglomerate is arrested by federal agents, phone records point to a dead girl making calls, and a handsome stranger mystifies everyone he encounters. Through it all, the promise of a spectacular magic show captivates the local residents.
Close calls with gators, crossbows, and armed felons lead to a startling conclusion, complete with illusion, chicanery, and the most divisive trick of all: cold, hard truth. Will Chloe’s murky existence finally be clarified, or will she succumb to the demons that haunt her?

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Baby Girl (Box Set) by Elle Klass

Genre: YA Mystery

Series: Baby Girl, Books 1-4

Narrator: Wendy McClesky

Publisher: Books by Elle, Inc.⎮July 1, 2016

Length: 7 hours


Box set includes In the Beginning, Moonlighting is Paris, City by the Bay, and Bite the Big Apple.

Abandoned at 12, Baby Girl is forced to face the harsh realities of life and struggles to find her path. She forages for sustenance, steals from the wealthy, and sleeps in any dark hole she can find. A ‘family’ of sorts forms between her and a band of other youngsters. Together they fight for survival, friendship, and love in the midst, but that is only the beginning. Life throws her one curveball after another until secrets are revealed and the search for her true origins begins and ends with the powerful truth.

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Sharpe Edge by Lisa B. Thomas

GenreCozy Mystery

Series: Maycroft Mystery (Book 2)

Narrator: Kelley Hazen

Publisher: Cozy Stuff and Such, LLC⎮May 11, 2016

Length: 6 hours 8 minutes

Buoyed by a new job and a spirit for the holidays, Deena Sharpe didn’t know she’d be investigating the town matriarch’s death at her own Christmas party. Everyone assumes it was an accident— everyone but her daughter, Estelle. Now Deena must rely on her craftiness to dig out the truth before anyone else gets hurt.

A little romance, some snarky suburban competition, and a lot of mystery will keep readers guessing in this cozy whodunit.

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French Quarter Vendetta by Gary Graybill

GenreMystery/Thriller (Modern Detective)

Narrator: Theo Holland

Publisher: Gary Graybill⎮May 4, 2016

Length: 5 hours 19 minutes

French Quarter Vendetta is an old fashioned whodunit. Set in historic, fun loving New Orleans, the plot untangles a tale of murder, mystery, betrayal and jealousy. Follow along as Lieutenant James “Gator” McNeal and his team wade through a list of suspects that include a union president, a state senator’s wife, a jealous mistress, a spoiled stepson, an ambitious assistant, a union thug and even a street kid and two-bit drug dealer. Along the way you’ll run into a strange, cryptic vision, the power of a gris-gris bag and even a voodoo curse. You won’t be able to put it down until the very end when Gator brings everyone together and reveals the murderer.

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Malaise Falchion: The Spade Case Files by Paul Barrett

GenreMystery/Thriller, Comedy

Narrator: Jack Wayne

PublisherPaul Barrett⎮April 25, 2017

Length: 8 hours 33 minutes

The dwarf private investigator Spade Kundarik drinks a bunch of grog, solves a mystery, and saves the world! Not necessarily in that order…

Disgraced during the Demon War, Dwarf investigator Snazdaggin Kundarik (Spade to his friends) wants nothing more than a desk to sleep on, a bottle of grog to drink, and the occasional easy case for quick pay.

Then a mysterious female Elf from the posh side of town shows up and offers him exoneration for his past sins and lots of gold. All he has to do is follow her brother and report his activities. Simple, right?

He should have known better. The simple job soon spirals out of control. Spade finds himself sucked into intrigue, powerful magic, and the hunt for a weapon powerful enough to end the world. Ill-prepared, Spade forges on with the aid of his hapless sidekick and a reluctant female warrior.

Will he survive long enough to save the world and get his grog?

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River City Blues by Ward Howarth

GenreCrime Fiction

Narrator: Ward Paxton

PublisherWard Howarth⎮February 15, 2017

Length: 9 hours 10 minutes

It’s early 1944 and Richmond, Virginia is a devil’s paradise. Ration scams and police corruption are rampant while the inflated black market commands top dollar.
Detective Sergeant Bennie Sherwood, fresh off a soul-scarring tour of duty with the Marines, couldn’t care less. His old man was recently murdered under suspect circumstances and he’s on a hunt for the truth.
But then an old friend is killed during a botched black market raid and Bennie is thrust onto a hellride through Richmond’s underworld. Suddenly, he’s at the front lines of a new kind of war, one that’s played out in gentlemen’s clubs and back alleys between tobacco kingpins and numbers runners.
It’s a dark, twisted journey that will test Bennie’s every limit, even as it gets him closer to the truth about his father…

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Buried Secrets by Elizabeth Meyette

Genre: Mysteries/Thrillers

Series: The Cavanaugh House (Book 2)

Narrator: Amy McFadden

PublisherBoris Publishing,⎮November 1, 2016

Length: 9 hours 47 minutes

When Jesse Graham almost runs over a “body” in the road one night, she is plunged into a labyrinth of secrets, lies, and murder. All Jesse wants is a simple life teaching at St. Bart’s and a chance at love with Joe Riley. She realizes that plan has been thwarted when puzzling occurrences at St. Bartholomew Academy for Girls get increasingly dangerous. The danger doesn’t just spring from the ghost who haunts the grounds of St. Bart’s, but from a sinister presence that is not ghostly at all. As she digs into the mystery, threats on her life and the life of her student escalate.Which danger threatens her life the most? The ghost haunting her student or the secrets buried in the school?

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Taking On Water by David Rawding

GenrePsycholgical Crime Thriller

Narrator: Curt Simmons

PublisherRed Adept Publishing, L.L.C.⎮December 7, 2016

Length: 6 hours 52 minutes

When James Morrow, a social worker, first meets Kevin Flynn, he suspects the teen is being abused. To learn more about Kevin’s home life, he gets to know the boy’s father, Tucker, who’s a lobsterman. James is able to put his suspicions to rest, and the two families begin to form a friendship.

When a kid at the local recreation center dies of an overdose, detective Maya Morrow adds the case to the long list related to the drug problem plaguing the small New Hampshire coastal town of Newborough. But her investigation gets her much too close to the dangerous players.

Both the Morrows and the Flynns are holding dark secrets, and when their lives collide, tragedy is inevitable.

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First Contact by Kat Green

Genre: Horror

Narrator: Kate Tyler

Length: 5 hours 24 minutes

Series: Haunts for Sale, Book 1

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press⎮Nov. 9, 2017

Sloane Osborne is a paranormal real estate agent in the business of selling haunted houses, but, in truth, she’s only searching for one ghost. And her time is running out.

It’s the 366th day after her fiancé’s death. Michael used to like putting things off for “a year and a day” - so tonight’s the night. Sloane will do anything to make contact with him before the clock strikes midnight. When she gets a call to check out a home in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it’s the last place she thinks Michael would contact her.

Sloane is dead wrong.

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Curse of the Zombie Omelet! by Grivante

Genre: Horror

Narrator: Ian McEuen

Publisher: Grivante Press⎮Dec. 8, 2015

Series: The Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators, Book 1

Length: 1 hours 55 minutes

An Arizona suburb over-run by a long buried tribe.

A race to stop the dead from unleashing an ancient curse.

Two brothers keeping the apocalypse at bay, one job at a time.

The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet is our action packed and hilarious introduction to Jonah, Judas & JJ, the lovable disaster prone trio, responsible for keeping the zombie apocalypse from becoming a reality.

Gruff and handsome, Jonah Zee, is the dominating, classic music loving leader, that calls the shots and keeps them coming.

Tobacco chewing, Judas Zee is the gun slinging, rock music loving goofball, that is slow to learn, but always has his big brother’s back.

And the hot and sassy JJ, is the heroine that captures the brother’s hearts and eyes, while doing her best to keep her dog, Xanadu, out of trouble.

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Ill Met By Moonlight by Gretchen Rix

Genre: Horror

Narrator: Bill Oberst Jr.

Publisher: Gretchen Rix⎮Jul. 25, 2017

Length: 3 hours 7 minutes

Emmy award winning actor Bill Oberst Jr. narrates (or more accurately, performs) ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT by Texas author Gretchen Rix, a darkly comic anthology of stories revolving around killer macadamia nut trees (yes, you read that correctly.)

Walking death, they’re called.

And those horrible macadamia trees.

But their real names are Whig, Mary Jane, and Quetzalcoatl, just to name three of them.

Trees don’t walk. But here they do. In Ill Met by Moonlight they walk, they kill, they eat people, and then they’re….


Telling you more would spoil the fun.

Welcome to this horror collection about the walking macadamia nut trees of Hawaii. Believe it or not, you’re going to laugh. A new addition to the humorous horror genre.


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Mashed by Various Authors


Genre: Erotic Horror

Narrator: Missy Cambridge

Publisher: Grivante Press⎮Sep. 15, 2017

Length: 6 hours 46 minutes

*UK codes available

Mashed is an anthology of twisted humor, erotic horror, and culinary experimentation. Featuring demented authors from all over the world coming together to delight and terrify you.

Mashed feels like Scary Movie meets 50 Shades on the Food Network! This collection of 17 sensually sinister tales that will leave you both scared and slightly turned on, while laughing out loud and contemplating whether or not you should have their next meal.

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Be My Midnight Kiss by Jean Brashear

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narrator: Eric G. Dove

Series: The Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs, Book 12, Texas Heroes, Book 25

Publisher: Jean Brashear⎮Dec. 26, 2017

Length: 4 hours 28 minutes

It's New Year's Eve...and now or never for these two hearts.

When a woman with no faith in love meets the quintessential nice guy determined to breach her mile-high walls, sparks fly as both fight a decidedly unwelcome but equally unavoidable attraction.

Steph Hargrove was a bombshell, a sexy, intrepid woman operating in the business world with guts, brains, and daring. She was accustomed to going after whatever she wanted, until a man she called a friend betrayed her and the company she'd helped build - and nearly killed her in the process. Since that time, she's been a shadow of the wild, wicked woman who'd carved a swath through her world.

Gavin O'Neill is an artisan with wood, a gardener, a restorer of battered homes, and a savior of strays. When first he meets the wounded woman who postures as invincible and worldly, the sadness in her eyes draws him even more than her lush figure does. However she insists otherwise, he sees that she needs the kindness and friendship he can give to her while he's waiting for the woman of his dreams, who will be small and soft and sweet, different in every way from the woman he keeps returning to see.

Yet while he's not interested in the virago, and she refuses to be nurtured, a potent attraction keeps them circling each other. And while they're busy listing the reasons they're unsuited, something powerful is growing between them.

New Year's Eve is for lovers and new beginnings.... Will these two stubborn souls take the risk?

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Grand Central Station by Marsha Casper Cook

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narrator: Sangita Chauhan

Publisher: Michigan Avenue Media Inc.⎮Dec. 29, 2016

Length: 3 hours 23 minutes

A famous child psychologist, who has authored several best-selling books on raising children, discovers he doesn't know as much as he thought he did when he meets a pediatrician and mother of three. Neither of them imagined how their lives would change when they shared a flight headed for Las Vegas for a medical convention.

For Jack Winston and Victoria Feingold, whatever happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. It follows them back to Chicago.

Jack doesn't want to fail, but he's not sure he's emotionally prepared to live with Victoria's three children. Not to mention her mother, sister, dog, and needy ex-husband.

Grand Central Station is a fast-paced ride and a lot of fun!

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It's Never Too Late for Love by Marsha Casper Cook

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narrator: Greg Nelson

Publisher: Michigan Avenue Media Inc.⎮Mar. 7, 2018

Length: 3 hours 19 minutes

Confirmed bachelor Noah Meyers thinks living his life without a partner is just fine and manages to dodge his meddling mother’s repeated attempts to fix him up.

When an adorable dog named Gracie finds her way into his life and decides to play matchmaker, Noah finds his carefully constructed world is turned upside down.

Will Gracie complete her mission to finally find a fairy tale happy ending for Noah and ultimately help herself find happiness, too?

It’s Never Too Late For Love is a timeless and delightful love story filled with a lot of laughter and just a hint of magic.

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Two from Isaac's House by Normandie Fischer

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Narrator: Brandon Potter

Series: Two From Isaac’s House, Book 1

Publisher: Spoke Media⎮Aug. 17, 2016

Length: 11 hours 28 minutes

Inheritance? Check. Solo trip before getting married? Check. Dangerous hot guy she shouldn’t get involved with in a thousand years? Oh, honey, that’s a check. From author Normandie Fischer comes a new romantic suspense that takes the listener from the hills of Italy to the Jordanian desert and from there to an Israel on the brink of war with Hamas.

Rina Lynne has never traveled far from Morehead City, North Carolina. So when she inherits her father’s secret stash, she’s ready to kick up her heels and go adventuring before she settles down to marry her long-time fiancé. First stop, Italy.

Enter Tony (aka Anton), an engineering geek conned into helping his Israeli cousins as a sort-of spy. From the moment he meets Rina, he’s distracted, which is not a good idea when there’s already been murder and theft. And from the moment Rina meets Tony, she’s fascinated, which is also not a good idea. He’s an Arab-American, and she’s half-Jewish. And engaged. And then there are all those bodies dropping around them, each linked to the gathering storm in the Middle East.

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Heart of Stone by Dakota Willink

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narrators: Lacy Laurel and Jeffrey Kafer

Series: The Stone Series, Book 1

Publisher: Dakota Willink, LLC⎮June 29, 2017

Length: 14 hours

Krystina Cole was a girl on a mission. She had big dreams and aspirations, none of which included a man by her side. She knew better than that – at least until she met Alexander Stone, the New York billionaire real estate tycoon. She saw the way that he looked at her, and the dark promises in his eyes. She was curious about his world and all that it entailed. But the shadows of her past haunted her, making her afraid to explore possibilities that she could never before have imagined…

Alexander Stone was a man who knew how to get what he wanted. He understood the value of finesse, and the importance of patience and diligence to achieve the desired result. He was successful and wealthy, relying on his naturally sharp instincts to guide him through life. But a chance run in with Krystina Cole quickly turned his world upside down. Her quick wit and firecracker attitude was the complete opposite of what he wanted in a woman, and his instincts failed him at every turn…

However, both Krystina and Alexander are clinging to the secrets in their past, and neither of them are willing to compromise. Krystina’s hardened heart makes emotional surrender a hard limit. But for Alexander, revealing his past could have devastating results.

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The Ex Lottery by Kim Sanders

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narrator: Eva Kaminsky

Publisher: Kim Sanders⎮Oct. 31, 2017

Length: 9 hours 38 minutes

Winner of three contemporary romance awards. The NEC-RWA Readers Choice Award, Contemporary Romance Chick Lit Writers Award, and the Chatelaine Award.

In this modern Irish fairytale, a young art teacher from Savannah, Georgia has given up on love. Three times Tory Adams has loved; three times her heart has been crushed. On a whim, Tory purchases a lottery ticket using the dates her ex-boyfriends dumped her. And she wins! Wins over $600 million dollars. All Tory has ever desired is love, a home, and a family. Now, with a pot of gold, she can at least have her own home, and she is not settling for just any home.

Tory flies to Ireland to buy the castle on Dragon’s Isle, a magical place where her grandparents met and fell in love. But could money buy love? From the moment she arrives in Ireland, Tory faces complications. Wonderful complications. A handsome Irishman appears followed by a trio of men to chase her across the Emerald Isle. But she must decide – do the men love her or are they simply romancing the numbers?

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Vegas to Varanasi by Shelly Hickman

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Narrator: Jazmine Ramay

Series: Fortytude, Book One

Publisher: Shelly Hickman⎮Jul. 27, 2016

Length: 6 hours 35 minutes

Anna has never been the beautiful one; she’s always been the nice one. So when the gorgeous man sitting across the table at a wedding reception remembers her from high school—and quite fondly at that—she’s taken off guard.

Formerly overweight and unpopular, Kiran has never forgotten Anna, the one person who was kind to him when no one else could be bothered, and Anna’s a bit flustered as she slowly comes to grips with his intense attraction for her.

In what feels like a romantic dream come true, all-grown-up, hunky Kiran invites Anna on a trip to Varanasi. But her troubled, whack-a-do ex-boyfriend starts interfering, creating drama at every turn, which begs the question, “Can nice girls really finish first?”

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The Return of Kris Kringle by Caroline Mickelson

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Narrator: Carly Robins

Publisher: Caroline Mickelson⎮Aug. 3, 2017

Length: 2 hours 2 minutes

*UK codes available

After years away from the North Pole, Kris Kringle happily accepts her Uncle Santa’s offer to move back to Christmas Central as head chef. With her young daughter in tow, Kris returns home with two objectives in mind. Goal number one, bring her love of healthy eating and nutritious fare to the North Pole dining service. Goal number two, recover from heartbreak and forget Kyle Masterson, the man who broke her heart. But when Santa hires Kyle as a new co-chef for the holiday season, Kris suddenly realizes that replacing the elves’ beloved sugar cookies with carrots is going to be a piece of cake compared to working alongside her ex-fiancé.

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Taking the Reins by Katrina Abbott

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Series: The Rosewoods, Book 1

Narrator: Ann Marie Gideon

Publisher: Ann Marie Gideon⎮April 3, 2017

Length: 4 hours 46 minutes

Brooklyn Prescott (if that’s even her real name) is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she’s moved back to the States after two years living in London. Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior’s education: boys. But luckily for Brooklyn, and the rest of the Rosewood girls, there’s a boys’ boarding school, The Westwood Academy, just a few miles away.

On her very first day, Brooklyn meets Will, a gorgeous and flirty boy on campus to help with move in. But is he who she thinks he is? And what about Brady, the cute stable boy? Or Jared, the former child actor with his grown-up good looks who can always make her laugh? As Brooklyn settles in at Rosewood, she’s faced with new friends, new challenges and new opportunities to make herself into the girl she always wanted to be. Whoever that might be.

Taking the Reins is the first installment of The Rosewoods, an exciting new young adult series for listeners who love fun, flirty love stories.

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The Cowboy's Baby Goes to Heaven by Gretchen Rix

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Series: The Cowboy’s Baby, Book 2

Narrator: Carol Herman

Publisher: Gretchen Rix⎮March 7, 2017

Length: 8 hours 26 minutes


Former diplomat Leona Robin wonders if she made a mistake moving to rural Texas. Her son loves it here, but in a place where it’s normal for a prize bull to have his own pet pig and hay bales are raining from the sky, Leona wonders how she’ll ever fit in. That is, until she’s thrown right into local preacher Ralph Maybeath’s arms. Is this love? Maybe, maybe not. Ralph is being coached by a six-year-old orphan called little Leon who is trying to make the three of them into an instant family using fairy tales as his inspiration. Want to bet his youngish, not-even-a-little-bit-dead granny will have a lot to say about this when she finds out? While little Leon conspires back in Texas, the newlywed owners of the Sleeping Beauty Ranch transport their prize bull, Baby, to greener pastures up north, with Baby misbehaving every step of the way. The ranch owners are also saddled with a rodeo cowboy and a nosy reporter who seem like the perfect match – if they can ever get past last year’s Internet scandal involving some naked pictures and a pink port-a-potty. The Cowboy’s Baby Goes to Heaven, the second in The Cowboy’s Baby series, is a story about taking chances, seeing people for who they are, and one very, very stubborn bull.

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Jester by Lilly Atlas

GenreContemporary Romance/ Romantic Suspense

Series: No Prisoners (Book 2)

Narrator: Noah Michael Levine & Erin deWard

PublisherLilly Atlas Books⎮February 15, 2017

Length: 8 hours 07 minutes

Thrust into a world of danger and fear, first grade teacher Emily is forced to comply with a terrifying MC president’s demands in order to save her brother’s life. Her only port in the storm is Jester, a member of a rival MC she’s supposed to use and betray. Jester proves to be the opposite of everything Emily expects, and before long she’s in his bed, and he’s in her heart.

Jester would give life and limb for the No Prisoners Motorcycle Club. His sole focus needs to be on the impending attack against their enemies, the Grimm Brothers. Meeting sweet and innocent Emily wasn’t part of his plan, and falling for her is out of the question.

Can Emily save her brother’s life without destroying the man who opens her eyes and heart to an amazing world of pleasure? She’ll do anything in her power to help her brother while protecting Jester, but when Jester finds out she was sent by his enemy, she may lose everything she’s trying to preserve.

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His Trophy Wife by Leigh Michaels

GenreContemporary Romance

Narrator: Paula Slade

Publisher: Leigh Michaels⎮August 26, 2016

Length: 5 hours 54 minutes


When Morganna Ashworth’s father died, leaving her his debts, Sloan Montgomery realized he could finally achieve his two lifelong ambitions: the acquisition of a socially acceptable wife, and revenge on the Ashworth family!
In return for him paying off the debts, Morganna became Mrs. Sloan Montgomery. But once they were wed, Sloan didn’t bargain on falling deeply in love with his trophy wife! Especially considering all the secrets and lies between them….

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The Woman in the Camphor Trunk by Jennifer Kincheloe

Genre: Historical Fiction Mystery

Narrators: Moira Quirk

Series: Anna Blanc Mysteries, Book 2

Publisher: Jennifer Kincheloe⎮Nov. 14, 2017

Length: 10 hours 50 minutes

Los Angeles, 1908. In Chinatown, the most dangerous beat in Los Angeles, police matron Anna Blanc and her former sweetheart, Detective Joe Singer, discover the body of a white missionary woman, stuffed in a trunk in the apartment of her Chinese lover. Her lover has fled. If news gets out that a white woman was murdered in Chinatown, there will be a violent backlash against the Chinese. Joe and Anna plan to solve the crime quietly and keep the death a secret. So does good-looking Mr. Jones, a prominent Chinese leader who has mixed feelings about helping the LAPD and about Anna.

Meanwhile, the Hop Sing tong has kidnapped two slave girls from the Bing Kong tong, fuelling existing tensions. They are poised on the verge of a bloody tong war that would put all Chinatown residents in danger.

Joe orders Anna out of Chinatown to keep her safe, but to atone for her own family’s sins, Anna must stay to solve the crime before news of the murder is leaked and Chinatown explodes.

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Across Great Divides by Monique Roy

Genre: Historical Fiction

Narrator: Angela Ness

Publisher: Monique Roy⎮Sep. 11, 2017

Length: 7 hours 58 minutes

Across Great Divides is a timeless, World War II story of the upheavals of war, the power of family, and the resiliency of human spirit. When Hitler comes to power in 1933, one Jewish family refuses to be destroyed and defies the Nazis only to come up against another struggle – confronting Apartheid in South Africa.
Sixteen-year-old Eva and her twin sister, Inge, witness their lives in Berlin change before their eyes. Their best friend, Trudy, betrays them when she becomes a member of the Hitler Youth. A valuable family heirloom, a beautiful emerald and diamond pendant necklace, is confiscated by the Nazis as they harass Jewish families and businesses.
Their younger brother, Max, a member of the underground resistance, sees even greater danger ahead. Their father, Oskar, refuses to leave his beloved Germany and believes Hitler will eventually fail.
They finally flee Nazi Germany with the help of the underground resistance – a young German man, a nun, a countess conspiring against the Nazis, and a winegrower secretly hiding Jewish children.
War continues to follow them until they arrive in Cape Town, South Africa. The family hires an impoverished colored woman, Zoe, as their maid and shields her and her daughter, Zola, from the dangers they face in the slums and from the horrors of Apartheid, which are all too reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
Across Great Divides illuminates a Jewish family in Germany in WWII caught in significant 20th century travesties: the Nazi occupation of Europe during World War Two and Apartheid in South Africa.

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Leonardo the Florentine by Catherine Jaime

Genre: Historical Fiction

Narrator: David Winograd

Publisher: Catherine Jaime⎮May 3, 2017

Length: 2 hours 55 minutes


Who are the Medici brothers? And who is trying to assassinate them? Why was the Pitti Palace never completed? And what part did Leonardo play in all of this? Leonardo da Vinci is remembered as an artist and inventor. But who was he before anyone knew his name? This family-friendly novel explores the history and the legends of his early years in Florence. It also weaves a mystery of politics and power. This novel is the first in the series of historically based novels – The Life and Travels of Da Vinci (followed by Leonardo: Masterpieces in Milan and Leonardo: To Mantua and Beyond).

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Daughter of the Sun by Barbara Wood

GenreHistorical Fiction

NarratorRebecca Roberts

PublisherCherry Hill Publishers⎮February 28, 2017

Length: 15 hours 24 minutes

Seventeen-year-old Hoshi’tiwa had a simple life. The daughter of a humble corn grower, she planned to marry a storyteller’s apprentice. But her world is turned upside down when she is captured by the powerful and violent ruler of an infamous city with legends of untold wealth and unspeakable acts of violence to its name. Hoshi’tiwa is suddenly thrown into the court of the Dark Lord, and as she struggles for power, she begins an illicit affair with the one man who has the ability to destroy her.
Best-selling author Barbara Wood has crafted a sweeping saga of one woman’s struggle to survive within the dangerous and exotic world of the Toltec court. Set against the backdrop of Chaco Canyon and the mysterious Anasazi people, Daughter of the Sun is an unforgettable novel of power, seduction, murder, and betrayal.

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Sailing Out of Darkness by Normandie Fischer

Genre: Women's Fiction

Narrator: Laura Jennings

Publisher: Normandie Fischer & Sleepy Creek Press⎮Oct. 23, 2017

Series: Carolina Coast, Book 4

Length: 10 hours 41 minutes

Love conquers all? Maybe for some people.

When Samantha flies to Italy to gain distance from a disastrous affair with her childhood best friend, the last thing on her mind is romance. But Teo Anderson is nothing like her philandering ex-husband or her sailing buddy, Jack, who, despite his live-in girlfriend, caught her off guard with his flashing black eyes.

Teo has his own scars, both physical and emotional, that he represses by writing mysteries - until one strange and compelling vision comes to life in the person of Sam. Seeking answers, he offers friendship to this obviously hurting woman, a friendship that threatens to upend his fragile peace of mind.

But not even sailing the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean can assuage Sam's guilt for destroying Jack's relationship and hurting another woman. Soon the consequences of her behavior escalate, and the fallout threatens them all.

Sailing out of Darkness is the haunting story of mistakes and loss...and the grace that abounds through forgiveness.

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Once Upon a Time in Venice by Monique Roy

Genre: Middle Grade

Narrator: Kevin E Green

Publisher: Monique Roy⎮Aug. 01, 2017

Length: 1 hours 27 minutes

*UK codes available

An intriguing, middle-grade audiobook that takes young listeners, ages 9-12, on a physical and emotional journey to Venice, Italy.
This enchanting story revolves around the relationship between Samuelle, a young boy, and his grandfather Leo. Leo has learned that he suffers from a terminal illness, and in his wistful skimming of artifacts from the past, he uncovers treasured mementos of his earliest years, growing up in the romantic city of Venice. Sharing them with Samuelle, he infects the boy with an infatuation for the city, one they will both share when Leo decides to accept an invitation to participate in the annual Regatta, a rowing festival that his own great-grandfather had competed in with great success. The two embark on their journey without Samuelle knowing about Leo’s illness, but Leo makes a promise to himself that it is in Venice, after he has passed on his knowledge and fondness for the city to his grandson, that he will reveal the truth about his fate. Venice becomes a special place in their hearts forever.

This beautiful, middle-grade chapter book will show young listeners, ages 9-12, the strong impact and importance of family, love, and the community in our lives. Listen to this preteen book with your kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, and you will be instantly transported to the romantic city of Venice, Italy! The vivid descriptions of Venice enliven the story. From the food and the architecture to the art and the magical canals, you are right there in Venice, without the long flight and the icky airplane food! All adventurers wanted: preteen listeners are taken on an emotional journey that is educational, sad, sweet, and heartwarming, and opens their eyes to geography and cultures.

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Vacation by JC Miller

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Narrator: Curt Simmons

Publisher: JC Miller Writer⎮Jul. 14, 2017

Length: 7 hours 28 minutes

Dr. William Koval, a pragmatist with little faith in humanity, prefers to dwell in the eerily comforting microscopic realm, where he is master of his domain. But his worldview is upended when he decides to go on the English walking tour his wife had been planning before her murder three years earlier. Only when William confronts his past, including his troubled marriage, will he find a way to rejoin the living, to move forward, and perhaps love again. The real journey, he discovers, lies within.

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Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Genre: Classics

Narrator: Laurel Schroeder

Series: Anne of Green Gables, Book 1

Publisher:⎮June 30, 2017

Length: 9 hours 47 minutes

*UK codes available

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, middle-aged siblings who live together in the fictional town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, decide to adopt a boy from an orphan asylum to help on their farm. But owing to a series of mishaps, the child who is delivered to their care is not a boy at all but a precocious girl of 11 named Anne Shirley. Although, as Marilla dryly informs her, “you certainly have a genius for getting into trouble”, with pluck, imagination, and optimism, Anne flourishes at Green Gables. And Matthew and Marilla find their lives transformed and their hearts opened to a deeper love than they ever knew possible.

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The To-Do List by JC Miller

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Narrator: Sara K. Sheckells

Publisher: JC Miller⎮February 8, 2017

Length: 8 hours 13 minutes

Who is Ginny Cooper? She is every woman who knows the exact number of calories in a Snickers bar, every woman who has ever struggled with her weight. She is every woman who has grappled with the gray areas, every woman who has wanted to escape her own life. At times the listener will want to shake her and talk some sense into her. But Ginny will have to navigate her own road. And through it all, we root for her. Ginny’s childhood memories of her fading hometown provide a bittersweet backdrop for The To-Do List.

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Dairy Free and Happy! by Michelle Diana Lowe

Genre: Kids

Narrator: Sarah McNamara

Publisher: Capture Books⎮Aug. 2, 2017

Length: 9 minutes

Being allergic to dairy can sometimes be difficult, but it doesn't have to be!

Dairy Free and Happy! gives practical advice and nuggets of wisdom to help you on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to shop at the supermarket, prepare for parties, what to do in an emergency, and little ways you can stay positive, healthy, and happy, plus much, much more.

With hope, happiness, and helpful coping strategies, this self-awareness book is a must-have for children who are allergic to dairy products. When applying these tips to everyday life, children and their families will find this book a useful guide and source of information.

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Mister B: Living With A 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist by A. Lynn Byk

Genre: Memoir

Narrator: Sarah Jane Wightman

Publisher: Capture Books⎮Aug. 2, 2017

Length: 17 hours 43 minutes

This is a story about one family that learns to love again.

Here is the story of a forgotten stress engineer whose philosophy, calculations, and outspoken opinions saved many lives. Greatest Generation story lovers, World War II hounds, and family members caring for aging parents think of Mister B as a national treasure.

When a relative inserts herself into the physicist’s personal space, the old man decides to teach his new helper some life lessons of his own, specifically that his newest design is to live forever.

A real-time memoir with a caregiver, Mr. B causes unsuspecting listeners to become mindful of things that matter in many shades of life. As this materials analyst steps into a stress manufacturing field, his story encompasses his part in WWII and the cold war race to the moon against Russian flights. Joseph Byk stress tests reconnaissance planes and helped to design structural aspects of the space shuttle Gemini, the first moon landing gear, and the beginnings of Google Earth.

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Life as a Spectrum Mom by Karen Pellett

Narrator: Sara K. Sheckells

Genre: Parenting

Series: The Spectrum Mom, Book 1

Publisher: Karen Pellett⎮Jul. 20, 2017

Length: 3 hours 22 minutes

From candy explosions and safety spaces to patience pills and mattress slides, autism turns normal on its head and stomps on it for good measure. For this family and their three autistic children, life is chaotic but glorious. Experience everyday life from the perspective of a spectrum mom and defy the label as only an exceptional family can.

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The Buddha and the Borderline by Kiera Van Gelder


Author: Kiera Van Gelder

Narrator: Carla Mercer-Meyer

Genre: Memoir

Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press Inc.⎮Mar. 24, 2017

Length: 10 hours 26 minutes


Kiera Van Gelder’s first suicide attempt at the age of 12 marked the onset of her struggles with drug addiction, depression, post-traumatic stress, self-harm, and chaotic romantic relationships – all of which eventually led to doctors’ belated diagnosis of borderline personality disorder 20 years later.

The Buddha and the Borderline is a window into this mysterious and debilitating condition, an unblinking portrayal of one woman’s fight against the emotional devastation of borderline personality disorder. This haunting, intimate memoir chronicles both the devastating period that led to Kiera’s eventual diagnosis and her inspirational recovery through therapy, Buddhist spirituality, and a few online dates gone wrong. Kiera’s story sheds light on the private struggle to transform suffering into compassion for herself and others, and is essential listening for all seeking to understand what it truly means to recover and reclaim the desire to live.

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When Love Is a Lie by Lisa Bunting


Author: Zari L Ballard

Narrator: Lisa Bunting

Genre: Self Development

Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press Inc.⎮Mar. 07, 2017

Length: 4 hours 46 minutes


What is the narcissism epidemic?

When our partner is a narcissist, only those who’ve actually experienced the madness will ever understand what we’re going through. When Love Is a Lie is a straight-up, tell-all book about narcissism in relationships that skips the clinical bullshit to focus solely on the personal experience. A narrative that holds nothing back, Zari Ballard’s story will educate, enlighten, and empower you to evaluate (and fully understand) the mind-boggling dysfunction in your own relationship. Compare her story to your own and watch what happens. As it has for thousands of abuse victims worldwide, When Love Is a Lie is going to resonate with you in ways that no other book about narcissism ever has.

Any relationship involving a person with a narcissistic personality disorder will inevitably take a dark turn. We stay in the relationship thinking we can fix this person or love him/her out of their bad behavior but the truth is that narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths can never be fixed – not with love, therapy, or any magic pill. Life quickly becomes a roller coaster ride from hell without a harness and with Lucifer himself at the controls. If that sounds dramatic, then you’ve never loved a narcissist. If that sounds familiar, then this very special book may just change your life.

When Love Is a Lie breaks down the signs of a narcissistic personality and exposes the narcissist’s way of thinking.

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35 Miles from Shore by Emilio Corsetti III

Genre: Historical Non-Fiction

Narrator: Fred Filbrich

Publisher: Odyssey Publishing, LLC⎮Dec. 26, 2016

Length: 7 hours 48 minutes

*UK codes available

On May 2, 1970, a DC-9 jet with 57 passengers and a crew of six departed New York’s JFK International Airport en route to the tropical island of St. Maarten. The flight ended four hours and 34 minutes later in the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean. It was, and remains, the only open-water ditching of a commercial jet. The subsequent rescue of survivors took nearly three hours and involved the coast guard, navy, and marines. This gripping account of that fateful day recounts what was happening inside the cabin, the cockpit, and the helicopters as the crews struggled against the weather and dwindling daylight to rescue the survivors who have only their life vests and a lone escape chute to keep them afloat.

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Scapegoat by Emilio Corsetti III

Genre: Historical Non-Fiction

Narrator: Fred Filbrich

Publisher: Odyssey Publishing, LLC⎮Jul. 26, 2016

Length: 11 hours 18 minutes

*UK codes available

“This is the kind of case the Board has never had to deal with – a head-on collision between the credibility of a flight crew versus the airworthiness of the aircraft.” – NTSB Investigator-in-Charge Leslie Dean Kampschror.

On April 4, 1979, a Boeing 727 with 82 passengers and a crew of seven rolled over and plummeted from an altitude of 39,000 feet to within seconds of crashing, were it not for the crew’s actions to save the plane. The cause of the unexplained dive was the subject of one of the longest NTSB investigations at that time.

While the crew’s efforts to save TWA 841 were initially hailed as heroic, that all changed when safety inspectors found 21 minutes of the 30-minute cockpit voice recorder tape blank. The captain of the flight, Harvey “Hoot” Gibson, subsequently came under suspicion for deliberately erasing the tape in an effort to hide incriminating evidence. The voice recorder was never evaluated for any deficiencies.

From that moment on, the investigation was focused on the crew to the exclusion of all other evidence. It was an investigation based on rumors, innuendos, and speculation. Eventually the NTSB, despite sworn testimony to the contrary, blamed the crew for the incident by having improperly manipulated the controls, leading to the dive.

This is the story of an NTSB investigation gone awry, and one pilot’s decades-long battle to clear his name.

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Off the Grid by Robert Kingett

Living Blind Without the Internet

GenreScience & Technology

Narrator: T. David Rutherford

Publisher: Robert Kingett⎮August 6, 2015

Length: 3 hours 26 minutes

Journalist Robert Kingett accepts a dare, one that at first seems simple: to adapt to his blindness without the Internet. This account is a cozy diary of battling with an FM radio, hooking up a landline phone, and the journey of adapting to a brand new way of living from someone who has never disconnected from the World Wide Web.

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Smoking Cigarettes, Eating Glass by Annita Perez Sawyer

Genre: Memoir

Narrator: Annita Perez Sawyer

PublisherSanta Fe Writers Project⎮September 05, 2016

Length: 10 hours 37 minutes

Annita Sawyer’s memoir is a harrowing, heroic, and redeeming story of her battle with mental illness, and her triumph in overcoming it. In 1960, as a suicidal teenager, Sawyer was institutionalized, misdiagnosed, and suffered through 89 electroshock treatments before being transferred, labeled as “unimproved”. The damage done has haunted her life. Discharged in 1966, after finally receiving proper psychiatric care, Sawyer kept her past secret and moved on to graduate from Yale University, raise two children, and become a respected psychotherapist. That is, until 2001, when she reviewed her hospital records and began to remember a broken childhood and the even more broken mental health system of the 1950s and 1960s, Revisiting scenes from her childhood and assembling the pieces of a lost puzzle, her autobiography is a cautionary tale of careless psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, both 50 years ago and today. It is an informative story about understanding PTSD and making emotional sense of events that can lead a soul to darkness. Most of all, it’s a story of perseverance: pain, acceptance, healing, hope, and success. Hers is a unique voice for this generation, shedding light on an often misunderstood illness.

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A Tale of Gods, Mortals, and Jell-O Shooters by Maxwell Cantrell

Genre: Humor

Narrator: Christopher J Mayer

Publisher: Maxwell Cantrell⎮Sep. 4, 2017

Length: 4 hours 26 minutes

After having been trapped in his office for 10,000 years, Lacerto, the god of small to medium-sized lizards, escapes to seek revenge. They say when you go looking for revenge, dig two graves. If you’re a god, make sure one of them is the size of Mount Olympus. To keep himself out of that grave, Lacerto will have to win and wield a divine weapon that takes the form of a brutally sarcastic salamander, take on the entire pantheon of gods, and control a human lawyer to whom he accidentally assigned godlike power when she became his pope. But at least there will be alcohol. And snark.

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