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The tour will run from Apr. 20th-26th and will have 12 maximum stops.

Signups end on Apr. 13th.

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Review copies will be distributed by Mar. 15th. Reviews posted during the tour must be of at least 3.5 stars.

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Author: D.M. Siciliano

Narrator: Katrina Medina

Length: 12 hours 7 minutes

Publisher: D.M. Siciliano

Released: Mar. 10, 2021

Genre: Horror

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"A crack in time saves 99.”


But what do those ominous words mean?

Ray is about to find out, whether he’s ready or not. His "deceased" twin sister, Ravynn, is warning him of impending disaster, but Ray can’t seem to convince himself, or his wife, that he’s not crazy.


But Ray isn’t the only one communicating with his sister. Ravynn’s surviving daughter, Amelia, seems to know things that defy reason, in a time when reason is slowly slipping away.


When Ray’s brother-in-law offers evidence of something terrible coming in the form of prophetic journals Ravynn wrote before her death, Ray can’t doubt the truth any longer. The world is falling down.


The family struggles to hold themselves together as the world they once knew and understood begins to collapse all around them, leading up to a cataclysmic end.


Can Ray save his family in time?

About the Author: D.M. Siciliano

DM is a lover of all things creative. From the moment she could speak, growing up in Massachusetts, she had a passion for flair and drama, putting on concerts for anyone who was even remotely interested (and even for those who were not). A storyteller by nature, she first pursued her young dream of becoming a singing diva while living in Arizona. She soon found that stage life wasn't the only form of storytelling she craved, so she dropped the mic and picked up a pencil instead. She still hasn't given up on her diva-ness, and hopes her pencil stays as sharp as her tongue.

A dark sense of humor and curiosity for haunted houses and things out of the ordinary led her down the path of completing her first novel, Inside. Several other projects are constantly floating around in her head and her laptop daily, and sometimes keeping her up much too late at night. Occasionally, those projects are so dark and twisted, she needs to leave a nightlight on.

She now lives in Northern California with her two fluffy furbabies, Cezare and Michaleto.

Tour Schedule


Mar. 15th: Review copies are distributed.

Apr. 13th:  Media packets are distributed via email.

Apr. 20th:
Bookish Reviews by C.G. Frances (Review)
Oscar K. Reyes (Review)

Apr. 21st:
Pbanditp Bookstagram (Review)
The Book Junkie Reads . . . (Spotlight, Author Interview)

Apr. 22nd:
CrofteeReader (Review)

Apr. 23rd:
A Wonderful World of Words (Spotlight, Author Interview)

Apr. 24th:
Jazzy Book Reviews (Spotlight, Author Interview)

Apr. 25th:
I'm All About Books (Spotlight)
Nesie's Place (Spotlight, Author Interview)

Apr. 26th:
Caught Between Pages (Spotlight)

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