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The Judge's Demon is narrated by Gerard Marquez and is 8 hours and 8 minutes in length.

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Author: K.M. Pfeifer

Narrator: Gerard Marquez

Length: 8 hours and 8 minutes

Series: The Demons Inside, Book 1

Publisher: K.M. Pfeifer

Released: Jul. 9, 2019

Genre: Historical Thriller


The Hunchback of Notre Dame meets The Handmaid’s Tale and YOU in this twisted rendition of history. 


Claude is stricken by tragedy, and all fingers point at the Gypsies as the nation divides, and an empire falls. He is the king's best man and has been given orders to rid France of all their problems.  


He promised peace. 


Amidst his role in a barbaric hunt and corrupt justice system, Claude finds himself drawn to a young girl of this minority race and consumes himself with her and his own ideas of who she should be for him. 


They gave him power. 


Paranoia and twisted delusion begin to bind Claude's double life as a charming official, able to justify his every crime to his followers, but also a criminal narcissist with a blood obsession.  


Now their new world must be paid for.  


Will his desires for the girl soften his heart? Or will the Judge's Demon of hatred add fuel to the fire in his search for the leader of the rebellion rising against him? 




"Skillful...allowing readers to confront the dark, mad elements in society - providing a glimpse into the mind of psychopathic individuals who live on the fringe." (Prairies Book Magazine) 


"Author Khris Pfeifer does very well in The Judge’s Demon, very aptly named, to keep readers hooked and tense in their seats until the very end where they are left wanting more. The author also does excellently in developing the sense of paranoia as well as showing the characters developing madness, and the relationships that are cultivated." (Readers' Favorite)    


Warning: graphic violence including torture, abuse, and rape.

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About the Author: K.M. Pfeifer

Pfeifer once lived on a school bus! Well, she still does, but she had so much fun with that building project that she's doing it again, only bigger! From buses to quirky bookshelves to words on paper, Khris loves crafting things together with passion and creativity using whatever tools are on hand. Her personal experiences working with the elderly and ill in their final months has also taught her so much about history and the human mindset. She has mixed those timeless narratives with a unique perspective that walks a line between thriller and mystery with a dash of romance to reach the largest audience possible in her writings, and hopes to share that experience with everyone that needs to hear these views and stories.




About the Narrator: Gerard Marquez

Gerard got his start at an early age, performing with various Opera companies and teams throughout Australia. After moving to America as an adult he made the transition into musical theater, and voice-over. Gerard has worked with various Opera and Musical theater companies throughout southern California and LA. Gerard has been working as a narrator and voice actor for the last few years now, and can't wait to help bring the listeners in to K.M. Pfeifer's dark Parisian world.




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