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Authors: Shira Shiloah

Narrator: Simone McIntyre

Length: 6 hours 12 minutes

Publisher: Shira Shiloah

Released: Mar. 12, 2021

Genre: Medical Thriller

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A Scalpel Wielding Villain.


A Healthcare System that Fails.


A Whistleblower that Protects Her Patients - No Matter the Costs.


A trusted anesthesiologist, Dr. Roxanne Roth, is healing from the loss of her fiancé by consuming her time with work. It doesn’t hurt that her new love interest, Dr. Justin Kirkland, spends almost as much time at the hospital as she does.


Entranced in the throes and complications of new love, Roxanne looks forward to work every day. Her time at the hospital would almost be cathartic if not for Dr. D. K. Webb, a neurosurgeon, who is quickly amassing a pile of complaints - and bodies.


Despite trying to avoid Webb, Roxanne finds herself working alongside the doctor during a routine, low-risk surgery. Fueled by cocaine and ego, Webb intentionally sabotages the case, leading to the patient dying on the operating table.


Roxanne’s tenuous grip on recovery is shattered with her patient’s death, quickly replaced by anger and a drive for justice. Now Roxanne will do anything to protect her patients from the killer on the other side of the sterile surgical field - before he can silence her as well.


In this gripping, sinister medical thriller, Dr. Shira Shiloah will leave listeners wondering about the potential evil lurking behind every surgical mask.

About the Author: Shira Shiloah

Dr. Shira Shiloah is the author of the international bestseller, EMERGENCE, a medical romantic thriller that explores what happens when a sociopath holds a scalpel to anesthetized patients.

Dr. Shiloah received her medical degree from the University of Tennessee and completed her Anesthesiology residency at Northwestern University.

Shira  lived in Brooklyn, Jerusalem, Chicago and Washington, D.C., before choosing Memphis as her hometown. She enjoys traveling the world with her husband and long walks with her rescue pup.





About the Narrator: Simone McIntyre

Simone McIntyre was born in London where she currently resides.   She is also a linguist, and often works in Spanish and French.  As an actress she has worked across all mediums.   As a voice artist her experience includes commercials, e-Learning, dubbing and film.  When not narrating, acting or producing she loves listening to new versions of Jazz standards and is a shoe shopaholic!





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