Consultation Services

If you don’t know what you need, this is what you need!

3-Step Consultation System


Pick the brain of The Audiobookworm.

Marketing your work by yourself can be overwhelming. Let me share in that with you. Together, we'll form a concrete plan with actionable steps for you to follow toward your goals. Brick by brick, we'll lay out the path from where you are now to where you want to be.

All consultations take place via telephone or Skype, depending on your preference.

1st Consult
Up to 1-hour
  • General discussion of your brand and audiobooks
  • Evaluation of your website and social media presence
  • Identification of top priorities
  • Goal setting
  • Action-plan formation
2nd Consult
Up to 1-hour
  • Discussion of potential problematic areas
  • Evaluation and revision of action-plan
  • Identification of milestones
  • Brainstorming of resources
3rd Consult
Up to 30-minutes
  • Finalization of action-plan
  • Review of resources
  • Evaluation of goals
  • Final Q&As

Brand Evaluation & Consultation


Branding isn't just important, it's everything. I see your work as a product of your brand. You are your brand. 

I'll assess the current state of your brand and discuss with you any changes I think should take place. Together, we'll brainstorm new ideas and put together a plan of action to improve your overall brand quality and exposure.

Marketing Brainstorming Session


This consultation usually takes the form of an open conversation of free-flowing ideas between creatives.

If you prefer more structure, we can discuss:

  • Common marketing missteps and how to avoid them
  • Making your mailing list work for you
  • How to make yourself more marketable
  • Finding your marketing audience
  • Vetting potential reviewers
  • Make the most of your promotional codes
  • Optimizing your review solicitation process (get more people to say yes!)
  • Effective follow up methods with reviewers
  • Hosting legal giveaways (yikes!)
  • + answering your questions!