Brand Management

At Audiobookworm Promotions, you are the brand, not just your work. Let's make sure you're sending the right message.

Evaluation & Brainstorming

I'll assess the current state of your brand and discuss with you any changes I think should take place. Together, we'll brainstorm new ideas and put together a plan of action to improve your overall brand quality and exposure.

Event Search

Ready for a road trip? I'll locate awesome book happenings within your given parameters. This can be done one time only or on a regular basis.

Narrator Search

Finding the right narrator can feel a lot like searching for the perfect partner. It can be frustrating, but don't get stressed, just call Jess! After discussing your ideal narrator, I'll compile a detailed list of potential candidates for you to inspect. I'll even contact your top picks and arrange for auditions to be recorded. 

Note: My professional feedback can be included free of charge!

Brand Protection- New!

You can't afford to allow the pirating of your content, but you also don't have time to continuously track down illegal copies of your audiobook and go through the process of having them removed. That's where I come in. In my time as an avid audiobook listener, I've stumbled upon and made note of several illegal audiobook distribution sites and platforms. As soon as one is taken down, two more pop-up elsewhere. It's a frustrating process, but we must be vigilant.

Allow me to don my cape and protect your brand at all costs.