Adoption Placement

Standard Placement Rate

$15 for 10 Codes
No more peddling for reviews!

Have your audiobook featured on the Adopt-An-Audiobook page for an unlimited amount of time! Send up to 10 digital codes/copies of one* audiobook and I will handle the distribution for you. An email will be sent to all hosts (300+) promoting your audiobook for review. Your audio will be given its own section on the Adopt-An-Audiobook page where its cover, basic information, synopsis, and a sample will be prominently displayed. News of the audiobook’s placement will also be frequently broadcasted across social media.

Those adopting will always be asked to provide commentary on the audiobook’s narration, as well as the story itself. Reviews can be posted on blogs, social media, and review websites. You may advise of anywhere else you would like the reviews to be crossposted when placing your audiobook for review. Please note that this only applies to one audiobook title at a time.

The goal of placing your audiobook on the Adopt-An-Audiobook page is to find reviewers without having to go door-to-door, or blog-to-blog. Anyone can “adopt” your audiobook for review at their discretion and will be expected to give an honest review.

It will be my job to keep tabs on how your audiobook is distributed and inform you once the review has been completed. Reviews above 3.5 stars will be promoted by The Audiobookworm on social media.

If you are looking for an easy way to get honest feedback, without having to pedal your audiobook, consider placing it for “adoption” (review) with Audiobookworm Promotions.


You can ask for remaining codes to be returned to you at anytime, but refunded payments can be offered only if none of the copies have been adopted.

US codes are preferable because they are more often requested. You’ll be contacted if a UK code is requested.

Special Tour Rate

$10 for 10 Codes

Am I currently organizing an audiobook blog tour for you? Great! That means you’re eligible for a special rate when placing copies of that audiobook on the Adoption page. You’ll want to build on top of all of the exposure the tour will be getting for your title. If you decide to take advantage of this special rate before your tour has begun, we can even advertise the title’s adoption status during the tour.

Eligibility for this rate expires once the tour ends and the copies placed for adoption must be of the title on tour. To be clear, the special rate is $10 for up to 10 codes. This rate applies for every additional 10 codes of the same title, so long as they are placed for adoption before your current tour ends.

Adoption Placement vs. Tour

Pros of Adoption Placement

  • It's a "laissez-faire" approach
  • It can be done right away
  • Minimal effort required on your part
  • All you need is codes
  • It can be more cost-effective than a tour
  • Most reviewers will self-promote and crosspost reviews
  • It's a more long-term promotion

Pros of a Tour

  • It's a more active approach to promotion
  • Reviews and stops are part of a coordinated campaign
  • All reviews will be posted during the tour time frame
  • Reviewers post on a specific date
  • Easier to track reviews
  • Promotional material can be included with reviews
  • Added exposure of promotional stops
  • Tours contain fun and personal features

Adoption Placement Request

Adoption Placement Request Form
What type of review copies are available?
US codes, please (if applicable).
These promotions facilitate the opportunity for reviews. There is no guarantee that your title will be selected by reviewers or that reviewers will post a review. Audiobookworm Promotions is not responsible for third-party actions (reviewers).
Bridgette, our in-house Virtual Assistant will be happy to help you!